New! Interior Design AI

Create your room design in less than 60 seconds with the MoodBoardly Interior Design AI.

Revolutionize Your Space Effortlessly

Experience the ultimate design transformation with MoodBoardly Interior Design AI. Simply select your preferred style and color scheme, or upload an inspirational picture. Within moments, our cutting-edge tool will generate a stunning room design that mirrors your vision.
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Find The Products on Your AI Generated Picture

Finding the perfect products for your space has never been easier. Simply click on the 'Find similar products' button and unlock a world of recommendations tailored to match the items featured in your AI-generated image.

Fine-Tune Your AI Design in Moments

Refine your AI-generated design effortlessly with MoodBoardly's intuitive clean-up feature. After clicking on “Clean Up and Replace”, you can remove or replace items to achieve the perfect look.

Endless options with MoodBoardly's Interior Design AI

Discover an extensive array of pre-generated interior design pictures, meticulously crafted for every space imaginable. Whether you're envisioning a cozy living room retreat, a stylish dining area, a functional kitchen layout, a serene bedroom oasis, or even a tranquil yoga studio escape.